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School work

Comedian Jokoy said in one of his skit “when you are not good in math when you were on 7th grade dont expect to be good when you are an adult”. 
I just got good grades in college but never in grade or high school, now I am ‘in the dark’ on how to tackle grade school work and I am currently lost.  It was just about a week ago or 5weeks after Kenzo’s school started that I figured it out on what we are supposed to do, which left Kenzo a bit behind and we are now trying to catch up.  

Last week to next week will be his exams on various subjects and I realized that a parent study habits will also be the kids way.  How a parent move ahead,  procastinate,  do shortcuts,  or just he/she studies will dictate how his/her kid will too.  

Now going back to what Jokoy basically said,  if you are a lazy student there is a possibility that your kid will be too.  And that I think has a heavy truth to it.


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