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Second child

Sometimes I see families with first born kid doing good in school and some of the younger siblings is not soo much. I think one of the reason it is hard to teach subjects to children especially they are many years apart. One school work alone is already a burden and in order for a parent to review,  teach this to his/her kid would take an effort and if a parent has 2-4kids you can imagine the work that needs to be done. 

Kenzo is now in his grade school and we normally need about 1-2hrs to go over his subjects and it is taxing that takes some of my patience and power that I need to help Liam. 

Liam is a bit late on his studies and I hope we’ll find some strenght to go over all the topics he need to learn before starting nursery. 


School work

Comedian Jokoy said in one of his skit “when you are not good in math when you were on 7th grade dont expect to be good when you are an adult”. 
I just got good grades in college but never in grade or high school, now I am ‘in the dark’ on how to tackle grade school work and I am currently lost.  It was just about a week ago or 5weeks after Kenzo’s school started that I figured it out on what we are supposed to do, which left Kenzo a bit behind and we are now trying to catch up.  

Last week to next week will be his exams on various subjects and I realized that a parent study habits will also be the kids way.  How a parent move ahead,  procastinate,  do shortcuts,  or just he/she studies will dictate how his/her kid will too.  

Now going back to what Jokoy basically said,  if you are a lazy student there is a possibility that your kid will be too.  And that I think has a heavy truth to it.

Liam’s barber

Unlike Kenzo, Liam is kinda scared of getting a haircut. He would bawl upon learning that he is entering a barber shop, once he sees those big clunky chairs and a barber waiting for him while holding a pair of scissors is enough to make him scared. It is always tough to get his hair done but good thing,  Liam has a very nice shiny hair, surely the nicest set of hair I had ever seen, because of this he can delay haircuts as it always remained looking great.

When Kenzo started going to the barber he hated it, but after a while he learned to trust his permanent barber-Neil but one day after cutting Ken’s hair for about 3 years he just left and no where to be found.

Just today, mum brought Liam for a haircut and it seems he did not cry today. He entered my room shouting that “I got a haircut and did not cry and just closed my eyes like I were sleeping” (paraphrased for clarity).

House update

The house is doing just fine but not as fast as I would wish. Under normal situation the rough finish or structural is the fastest, it is almost like as fast as blinking. It is the finishing the will bore you to a long wait. But our house being constructed by Novillos Construction of Calamba Laguna is painfully slow. We started officially when we got our building permit in the early weeks of May and now is the first week of August, on its 3rd month, while they promised completion in 4 months, we are still waiting for the structure to be complete.

What I will noticed was there were only a few workers there, there are some occasion were workers were borrowed by their other site and that left our construction with a few ones.  They also don’t  have a cement mixer and instead it is just mix the old way, which of course will add to the delay. Initially, I thought it is just a small house and perhaps they will just fast tracked it in a few weeks but it did not happened. I am now starting to get worried.

Walls, columns, footings, windows and now the Roof trusses are up but electrical, plumbing, masonry has not started and also the 1st floor flooring is nothing but a muddy pile as of today, to see it very slow is a bit painful to watch.

Now there is also another issue, that I am not “in the know”, it is the status of our loan which of course will fund everything. It is being handled now by Mum and I am just told that all is OK. I am now worried to rush Novillos Construction when I don’t know when the funds will be coming.  I am trapped between rushing and having no money (yet).

One other concern I have is not having the expertise to know if all are within building standards. I just have to trust the construction company that they are telling me the truth and they are faithful to their oath as builders, and to just trust a contractor in itself is already a  scary thing and enough to make you go bonkers.

I am still hoping all will be well, and all will be done so that we can all start our life in a place that we can call Our Home.



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