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USA Trip

I think the most recent US vacation might be my last or maybe second to the last. But really I am not considering that I will be back there. One main reason is Sam is now turning into a lady and everytime I visited I turned their master’s bedroom to my own and everyone else will be cramped to hers. To a young lady that is an inconvenience and I think I am slowly being that to her. When I started visiting she was just a little girl in fact her favorite show on TV was Disney Junior’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates, which is what Kenzo used to watched. During that time she was OK  that her whole family were squeezed in her room.. if I remember it correctly she likened that to a pretend camp out.

The other reason was the issues during my flight, delays, cancellations, rebookings, and more delays. It was one scary episode that I got on that trip.

I am also looking old, fat and bald. As I turned into an ugly old fart my introversion go with it meaning I am not proud that I  look  more horrible than the last time people there saw me.

I sincerely hope not to go back, not unless I ended up with a stash of money to buy hotel rooms for me to saty in and not to  need to barged in other people’s houses.

Liam gotta go there, maybe when he is 4 or 5 and by then Kenzo will be 8 or 9, hopefully their mum can handle them on a long flight by her own because I am not looking forward to go back.

All those US trips are really memorable and I am very happy to have all those. There were only a few hiccups compared to all the good things I got. It showed me a different culture, a culture of kindness, respect, friendliness, fairness etc… sadly  is not at all common in Manila. I get to see those really nice places that had etched a lasting imprint in me.  Those good food, great Silicon Valley community, and the great cool weather. I am going to miss it but I guess I have to accept that there is an end to everything.



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