everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Broken Arm II

To see your kid in a sling, his arm in a cast and a metal pin  protruding out of his skin is just very painful to see. It has a feeling like that of a melting wax, I tried to look strong when I am cleaning his wound but inside I am almost crumbling and crying.

I am stressed by all of this and it also does not help that I run out of Zolodin.

Kenzo now being injured, is a little less jumpy, less boisterous, less excited and I know this put him under a lot of stress. He is now too defensive and will instantly hurt Liam when he sees his brother on the verge of bothering him.

His injury will take about 4 weeks and right now we are just on the 3 day and it feels like we have this load for more than a week. I would want to pull the days forward so this nightmare will end soon, really this is too much for me to see and bear.


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