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Another US Trip

*Late post*

Around the end of December 2016 I left for SFO- Bay Area to be again at Menlo Park. Just 2 days after Xmas I was packing to fly out to celebrate New Year in the other side of the world.

At the airport, I arrived 2 hours before my flight but since it was a holiday season the airport was cramped with more than usual number of passengers. NAIA T2 was full, as one american passenger observed, “there is not even a place to sit.” Passengers occupied all the seats, the window ledge and some are even on the floor. It feels like we were  refugees awaiting asylum. The problem with T2 is that they have a cordoned Gate area which is too small, the seats are not enough to accommodate all and once inside it is inconvenient to walk around, use the restroom, buy snacks, etc… because your seat will be gone and you have to fall in line again to the final x-ray screening section. That  situation we had will surely remind anyone that we are in a poor, backward country, to make matters even worst our flight (PR 114) was delayed by almost 2 hours and this added salt to our injuries(so to speak).

I thought when we started to board that was the end of our hardship, but when I settled onto the seat I realized (and the passengers that sat next to me) that we were in an old,  small, obsolete plane. It does not have an in flight movie, music or even a working lamp where I can use to read my book and the seats were about a few inches smaller.

It was an horrible flight.

At Dec28 at around 830pm I was outta SFO and Sam, Eric and Susie greeted me and in a while I am in their home. The weather was cold but I realized that it was not too cold and it was something I can easily manage. I slept with just a light jacket and shorts but at early morning the cold bit me hard, I was awoken by the temp and I was literally freezing. I quickly looked for my thick jacket and used 3 layers of clothes to sleep that night, and that was the time I fully realized that it was indeed winter.

The first few days was nothing really unusual, I stay at Monte Rosa to kill time, went back and forth to kill more time, spend some time with Claro and at Susie’s time out will either go to buy some stuff to bring back home, or those on the  list of Tere, or also to eat out for our dinner… which is nothing far from what we had been doing every time I visit.

I was back driving for Sue and towards the end of my vacation I also drove Sam to school a few times.

New year’s eve: we spent it watching Moana. I Literally spent my last hours of 2016 and the first hour of 2017 inside a theater. It was a nice movie, really cute and we were  soo relaxed on those Lazy Boys we sat on.

Before watching Moana we first ate at a chinese restaurant that has quite OK food but has some mediocre customer service ( which is a norm in most chinese restos)… the food is not something I will choose over Panda Express but it is still kinda OK.

The main attraction of my whole trip was going up Lake Tahoe. When we got there Temp is about freezing point and everywhere was covered by thick white snow. It was such a pretty sight and just by mere looking at it can melt all the stress away.

We arrived about late afternoon and after resting in our rooms we head out to eat at Applebees. I also bought some bread and soda to partner with my Spam as my food in my room. As the night comes the temp go down further to about -4.

The next day we head out to see the tourist sights, we went around the Lake, eat out, drive, road trip, eat again and basically enjoy.

Our plan was to sled the next day and do some fun at snow, but when we woke up the next day there was a slight blizzard and it closed all ski and sled slopes. Unable to do anything we just decided to go to the Nevada side and ‘Casino Hop’. I thought them to play the Roulette, which we won a few times but lost a lot more, sadly.

We still tried to make most of the trip considering we cannot do much as there were heavy snow everywhere.

On the day we are to leave, It was scary. I am scared that we might get caught up there as news of heavy blizzard to come down in the afternoon of the day we were to leave. I am worried that I might not be able to catch my flight or finish some of my errands if we get stuck there for 2-3days more.

On the morning we were to leave, I am really antsy and I was silently hoping that we to move and drive down ASAP before the blizzard caught us. As we drove down snow started to pour, some 2WD cars were asked to use chains, travelling will be about 25MPH only.

As we crawl down Tahoe, I am worried and scared, as I dont want to be back there in that weather.. after about 2-3 painful hours we were over it and the snow was replaced by mild raindrops. Yehey! after a while we were in rainy Bay Area and that ended my quick fight with heavy snow.

After Tahoe, I was back doing the same stuff… buying, window shopping, eating out etc.. I prepared to flight out 3 days after Tahoe trip but that did not end there… some few hiccups happened after (see my previous post: Flight Delays)





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