everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Broken Arm

Every parent’s nightmare was to see their kids get in an accident. And that just happened two days ago. It was scary and very tough for us.

I tried not to be a helicopter parent and let Kenzo and Liam to learn their ways on their own. I had tried to advice them of safety so many times but Kids often side on copying their playmates than listen to what their parents especially when left alone. Kenzo was playing with an 8 yr old, Kenzo is only 6, and of course the older kid would have better balance than him. So what the 2 kids did was climb a small pillar of our neighbor’s gate, at about 4ft in height, and  to jump from there. According to the guardian while on top of the pillar he fell back and fall on his arm that caught all the weight and force. This snap his arm, right above the wrist, in 2 pieces.

When I saw his arm, a little bit deformed and that it was pianful to move it, I knew that is was broken. We went to the hospital at 6pm and after thge xray we went to Asian Hospital at about 9 for the surgery. The put metal pins on his broker arm and cast it. We stayed there for a day and now he is back home and doing his normal stuff as best as he can.

It is hard to balance independence and being over protective. I want them to learn and decide on their own but at the risk of them making bad decisions. Parenting is not really easy and can be nightmare at times. The best thing is still that he is coping quite well on hopefully he will be on his way in a few weeks.







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