everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


We got a shocker when we were given the news by the Pedia-Opthalmologist that Kenzo has a myopia and it is high. I am very saddened by the news as Kenzo now will be wearing a glasses or lenses for the rest of his growing years. Hopefully he will have a good fair of money to have a Lasik operation when he reached 21. No parents want their kids to have a different childhood, not that wearing glasses is highly different from the rest, but his movements, his activities will be hampered a bit due to it.

Apparently, myopia can be inherited and I have one of the worst case of it. I passed this on to Kenzo  and it saddened us. I see Kenzo to be an active kid and quite athletic but when one has a glasses he cannot do well in most sports. His glasses can limit his ability to enjoy most sports. But, the nice thing is, he is a budding swimmer and he is slowly enjoying and improving on his swimming. I think it is a sport perfect for him as all he needs is a prescription goggles to play it, unlike basketball or football where a weak eyesight can be a distraction.

It is not a happy fact that he will now have to work around his weak eyesight and learn to go thru life with it.  But what can I do it is these ‘cards’ that life dealt as with.




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