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Small stories of how it all went along

Books for Liam

SInce they fight over toys and Kenzo, naturally, wont allow Liam to just enjoy his toys without him playing it too. It is a tough situation for him as he cannot protect his own toys, not that he intends to not share, due to Kenzo’s size. If Liam has a new toy his brother will play with it too, and will ask him to share. They will both play with it but after a few days all those toys will be mixed with Kenzo’s or broken or just lost, and in a few days Liam wont have any anymore.

The solution I had was just give Liam a few toys but by him mostly books. Compared to toys books are not that appealing and this makes them last longer. Good thing, Liam is enjoying it, he is happy that he gets a book and does not mind (yet) that he dont get as much toys.

Books are a gateway to be interested in studying and learning which hopefully will give Liam a bit of an edge compared to others who just wants toys.



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