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Books for Liam

SInce they fight over toys and Kenzo, naturally, wont allow Liam to just enjoy his toys without him playing it too. It is a tough situation for him as he cannot protect his own toys, not that he intends to not share, due to Kenzo’s size. If Liam has a new toy his brother will play with it too, and will ask him to share. They will both play with it but after a few days all those toys will be mixed with Kenzo’s or broken or just lost, and in a few days Liam wont have any anymore.

The solution I had was just give Liam a few toys but by him mostly books. Compared to toys books are not that appealing and this makes them last longer. Good thing, Liam is enjoying it, he is happy that he gets a book and does not mind (yet) that he dont get as much toys.

Books are a gateway to be interested in studying and learning which hopefully will give Liam a bit of an edge compared to others who just wants toys.




We got a shocker when we were given the news by the Pedia-Opthalmologist that Kenzo has a myopia and it is high. I am very saddened by the news as Kenzo now will be wearing a glasses or lenses for the rest of his growing years. Hopefully he will have a good fair of money to have a Lasik operation when he reached 21. No parents want their kids to have a different childhood, not that wearing glasses is highly different from the rest, but his movements, his activities will be hampered a bit due to it.

Apparently, myopia can be inherited and I have one of the worst case of it. I passed this on to Kenzo  and it saddened us. I see Kenzo to be an active kid and quite athletic but when one has a glasses he cannot do well in most sports. His glasses can limit his ability to enjoy most sports. But, the nice thing is, he is a budding swimmer and he is slowly enjoying and improving on his swimming. I think it is a sport perfect for him as all he needs is a prescription goggles to play it, unlike basketball or football where a weak eyesight can be a distraction.

It is not a happy fact that he will now have to work around his weak eyesight and learn to go thru life with it.  But what can I do it is these ‘cards’ that life dealt as with.



House buying

Few things I learned about house buying is that, if possible, all should be written or there is an existing trail. It is not enough to get an approval, agreement etc orally because people have weak memory and misunderstanding happens due to speech, tone, grammar, lack of attention span etc.

If you are dealing with a broker, it is still best to know the seller personally, visit his/her house, get his/her contact details because while processing the transfer, building permits, construction agreements and/or paying the taxes you will probably need the assistance of the owners.

One of the thing you need to be sure of before paying is to have all fees in writing that are still unpaid and it should be stated therein that other fees that are not there but are chargeable prior to sale date must be paid by the seller.

Fees like association dues, property tax, surveying, utilities etc must be declared  or  paid.

Normally buyers mainly focus on the TCT, and Real Prop taxes and when all has been paid the buyer can be surprised with other unpaid dues on the property. Of course, you have to call the broker but since brokers are paid already and the sale has been closed, the buyer now has to wait to be prioritized by the broker. After the commission brokers are not too keen on meeting, discussing with you. There demeanor will even change after the sale, before the sale they will call you Sir/Ma’am and will be respectful. on time, helpful, always available etc… but after a sale they can act busy, slow to your requests, tardy…

Same with the seller, they can act similar to the brokers after a sale which is a natural reaction as they dont have anymore incentive to do the extra work. .


For several  months now I have been taking Zolodin ( Sertraline ) as prescribed to me,  it did make me feel quite OK but more or less am I still the same. The doctor told me that I have also give myself a boost, to keep myself active, to have a goal, to have a reason to go on. But that in itself is hard, if I will set a goal for myself I want it grand and challenging otherwise I will not be happy about it. I have a few in mind like entering Law school but that is expensive and long… but right now that is what is challenging to me that I might want to take up but reality of it I am not sure, as I am already old to go back to it and I might end up just wasting money.

So the search for a challenge continues. Right now what really keeps me going is just reading endless books currently I am reading memoir of JP Enrile and  world history is my new favorite topic. Life is boring, slow as I am not on anything that will “wake me up”.

I also have  alprozolam as back up for social anxiety, I have not really taken it except for a tablet as there is no need, scared to be addicted to it and it make me sleepy.

So there, the battle is still ‘on” and hopefully soon I will raise my white flag and get out of the race and quit… maybe.

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