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USA again

For the second time this yeat, I will be going back to the US. It is a unplanned kinda thing. I just received a viber message on the 8th of december to flight out on the 20th. But since I am quite worried that there would be none to help us ( the helpers will be on vacation too ) I asked it to move it to 28th (tomorrow).

I though, I aint gonna fly out to USA without Kenzo because it is going to be sad without him, knowing that he crazily wanted to be at the USA and he had soo much fun there.

Anyway, in less than 36hrs I will be leaving and will be staying there, enjoying the very cold weather.


@ the mall

We got a bit of a surprised when we brought Liam to the mall the other day. He was so excited, noisy, jolly, rambunctious etc… when he set foot to the mall. It made it look like that it was his first time.

He was always smiling, running, loud… very nice to see him that way. Unlike Kenzo, who took a few years to get used to the malls shiny floors. He is scared that he might slide on it so our trips there would require us carrying him, or pushing him on a stroller. I think it was only when he is past five that he outgrown his “shiny floor” phobia.

Liam is a fun to bring but quite dangerous because he can easily dash outta sight in a crowded area, so guarding him needs concentration.



At an early age, Liam is insisting on his independence. When wearing or removing his clothes, shoes he wanted to do it alone and will just ask help when it cannot do it anymore.

I first notice it when he was about 18 months old when we ask him to eat he wants to eat on his own, it is always messy but he will cry when we try to feed him. Now at over 2 years old, he mostly eats by himself and is now learning to clothe himself too ( or almost).

He wants to do stuff a is and is quite proud of it… it nice to see his efforts but it can easily add to our work load when he make a mess.

Sibling rivalry

Liam is sweet, friendly but when he gets mad he stand his ground to fight. Kenzo a bit bratty and very strong. When they fight over a toy it is as scary as hell. Liam will sometimes get a hard toy, or anything he can grab, to hit orr throw to Kenzo, while Kenzo can just slap, pinch, kick Liam to get even or show his displeasure.

It is a rough situation where sometimes it is hard to separate them and you fear for both of them that someone ( or both) will end up very hurt.

I tried to promote that hitting is bad, I even made a song about it to push it across but all for naught.

But I guess most siblings are like this but in the end when they start adulthood and mature they will become good friends and see the value of each other..

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