everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

The “word”

It was said . The “word”.

During a conversation about something trivial, and my fault for  using a sarcastic tone made mum to dare me and say, “eh di, hiwalayan mo na ako.“.  It is a statement that was not meant as a joke, was not meant to just deflect and stop the conversation, it seems to me ir is a dare or perhaps a request or a wish.

I cannot blame mum and I agreed with her. I knew I have not been doing my responsibilities and I am nothing but a dead weight. Right now, mum is under a heavy pressure on her job, her mum’s health, expenses related to her mum, her dad’s health and his 2nd,3rd,4th(?) families. It is a tough year for us, it would have been nice but what happened to her mum blasted everything to pieces. Her work suffered, our Pru Life UK income almost nil. She is now in the bottom of the valley with regards to her work. and in the middle of all that difficulties I am there creating another big one for her to load on her shoulders.

Yeah I agree that I should go. Life will be better for everyone if I am gone. I really hope that things did not turn our to be this way, and wish it was better… sorry kids.



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