everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


Mum noticed that Kenzo was squinting when he is looking far. It seems he can not see very well when stuff are far and small.

I noticed that already about a year ago but just ignored it, but since mum noticed it as well, maybe it needs to be checked.

I dont remember having eye issues during highschool and elementary. I think my eyesight are normal but after high school, it started to deteriorate at a fast rate. I started using glasses was when my myopia was at 1.25 and almost evrey year or two it will increase and now I am past my 40s, I am at 7.00 and with it is a serious case of astigmatism.

None of my nearest relatives has this much eye problem, maybe just my cousin Ate Fe but most has really good eyesight. My case is surely genetics, there is not enough reading, watching TV, or checking soc med that can damage my eye this much, so it must be genetics.

Now  did I transferred my poor eyesight to Kenzo? If I did then soon he’ll have to wear glasses, sadly.

I also knew that Kenzo can be good athlete, he is very active, very strong, has good fast twitch muscles, and competitive.

I planned to send him to different sports classes and hopefully be able to progress and one day he’ll be a student athlete and get free school fees. Now if he has to wear glasses sports that he can join will be limited, goodthing he is into swimming and maybe that will be his sport. Unlike basketball, Taekwondo, Judo and football (which is i like for him to try) swimmers is not a disadvantage if they are wearing googles with prescriptive lenses. In swimming they dont have to use their peripheral vision as much.. so maybe this will be his sport.

We will bring Kenzo to his Tito who is an opthalmologist soon and have it checked, hopefully he wont have to use glasses yet and perhaps if he really need to, maybe till around around college but (please) not during his childhood. years..


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