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Wild, Wild West

A conflict ensued this morning, and the reason was nothing new it is the same scenario but just on a different day.

It all started with  Kenzo’s school work and mum’s participation with it.

What I am tried to say: As parents you need to really take part in your child’s education and I don’t mean just paying tuition fees or buying new shoes and bags. What I meant was, parents should be on top, below and in the middle of the kid’s school work, in other words, we should be updated and very aware and has an active part in it.

I read bout an experiment made by Dan Ariely where they asked people to do puzzles and to be submitted to a proctor afterwards. Now, there are two situations 1. after receiving the papers the proctor without looking will shred it and 2 the proctor will look at it and file it properly. They found out that when learned that their papers and asnwers were checked and filed they put more work on it and when it is just shred and ignored they will not spend as much effort to solve it.

I just want mum to check Kenzo’s work and I said it will just take her 5 minutes to do that and streaming her TV shows would take longer.

What she understood: I am attacking her and her hobby. That it should be my sole job to teach Kenzo because I stayed at home. And that in our current situation, she is at a great disadvantage because of the responsibility of financially providing for everyone, including me. And that she was a fool to stay in such a life.

In most part, I agreed with her and that is the reason why I SHOULD GO. There is really no reason for me to stay as I am just a dead weight, a burden. I don’t have monopoly to good parenting ideas and basically insignificant and useless. I can die now and my absence will not be felt, maybe for a week they’ll weep but after that it’ll be normal.

I knew I am useless and I know that even before Kenzo was born, sadly my kids are now forced to have a dada like moi.

One day I have to go, I must go. I am a bad influence to my kids, an embarrassment, a dead weight.

So there,a simple lecture on helping kids to study ended with slapping of the truth that I am just a dirt bag. .. but really I am… and cannot blame her for that.

*A late post, was posted as a page weeks ago, I just now noticed it and copied it to be a post.



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