everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Liam’s 2nd

Yesterday was Liam’s 2nd birthday. The day started with Happy Birthday greetings from everybody in the house and the day went on just like any normal day afterwards.

The only not usual activity that happened was the play at the mall. I brought Kenzo and Liam to the mall and play in their pay-playground. It is a big airconditioned room with padded walls, carpeted floors, filled with non violent toys basically a very child-proofed playground, which is in all of  HELICOPTER PARENTs dream.

At dinner time, the next unusual activity happened which was his actual birthday celebration. It was a mini one and it is just his tita, aunt ting, geff and us. He got two gifts a Peppa Pig and Playmobil set. He was happy and showed off his hyper active self. But still even it was his birthday Kenzo can steal the spotlight and Liam a willing victim just wallow in the background.

We got quite a few good food from conti’s, KFC, Racks and the neighbor cake baker.

They day ended just like any day, he was on his jammies and watching vids on his Ipad.

Happy Birthday Li!




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