everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

When a nerd fights back

Liam can look like a sweet boy but underneath is his hard nosed self. There are times when Kenzo will try to get his way, take his toys, overpowering Liam but when push comes to shove Liam has this fight in him that scares us.

Though he has no match to Kenzo’s strength, althletic ability and coyness Liam will stand his ground with his frightful tenacity. When he fights back it can end with  serious pain like throwing a mobile Phone to Kenzo, biting his limbs, hitting with an Ipad, smashing empty baby bottles to his Kuya, it is scary.

He rarely starts a fight, maybe because he his still a baby or maybe he is really a nice boy inside but when he can no longer tolerate then we start to get worried.

Every  parents would want to have behave and cooperating kids but what we have are two competitive ones and both seeking attention mostly at the same time. Really hoping all will be good, perhaps like those siblings they show on TV.




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