everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


liam 1


Sunny and happy. That is the first thing you will notice in Liam, he is just a happy one. When he woke up and he saw us the first thing he will do is welcome us with a smile as if he was thankful that we were there.

Most of the time when he hugged, you can somehow feel the warmth because on how he lay his head on your shoulder. He has that magical playfulness and sweetness that capture most of the people that sees him..

I know, I am biased to Liam (and Kenzo) but I think he is adorable and people often compliment him/us about how cute he is.

One other good thing about him is how he clean up his  bed (sometimes his toys too ) after using it. It is automatic to him that when he wakes up he will carry the pillows and put them on top of each other. He also has this habit of returning  found stuff to the owner(s). If he sees my phone anywhere when I am not using it or  not being charged he will pick it up and return it. Almost anything that is lying around anywhere he will picked it up and give, may it be books, pens, clippers etc.

But do not be fooled by his cuddly personality because when he gets mad to his brother he really can fight back. During the the time I have to reprimand him, he seems unshaken and unafraid. he has this strength and bravery that hides underneath his cotton-candy like personality.






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