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School ‘baon’ Li and Ken

I have a plan which is not (just like most of my plans) ordinarily done by other parents. I believe it would serve Liam and Kenzo if  their school allowances ( baon) is based on their grades. If you have low grades you will get lower allowance and high grades will get you more.

I know that this plan will best suit them when the time comes to face the real world, where lazy people are not compensated for loitering and daydreaming is not a career. I think it is also an incentive for them to achieve, rather than give them the equal school allowance and  perks whether  they do or not do their school work.

Some will criticize this for setting the plan on material things, but is it not the adult world, which eventually they have to face, works on the same materialistic principles? Is it not  those who label others as materialistic are the ones who are also as greedy as the people they label as such? But anyway that’ll be for another blog post.

Going back, like in real life those who work harder will get more is how the world turns and my plan sit on that thought. I think this plan will serve its purpose not to give incentives ( aka free lunch ) to laziness and it will teach them the value of working harder for stuff they want.



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