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This week-House & Car

4 July

After years of house hunting we are around the last bend, the final stretch. We are probably going to dive in and get property that we can live with.

It is just a few days more and we will finally have a property that we bought using our funds (our other properties are inherited). There is a tinge of fear, excitement and daydreaming as the day gets nearer.

The whole house hunting trip was really a nightmare for us because we have two different opposing views of what house to buy. I prefer to buy small, affordable ones ( and use other funds to build apartments for retirement) while mum wants a grand one, with all the cabinets, spaces etc.Having two different views made purchasing a house hard but goodthing was we found two small lots for sale in BF Pilar, one to build a house on and one to be made as a lawn, kept as an investment and sold in the future or turned into an apartments for retirement.

8 July

For the last couple of days, we have been talking to Architects and Contractors to plan our house. We have given them our requirements and budget and they’ll just have to come up with a plan. We will submit that to the bank for processing and hopefully in a month we are all up and ready.

For the last week or so, we have been also in contact with the brokers and there was a lot of Text exchanges, clarifications and confusions too. In normal situation, I would be impatient with the whole process, I find the seller too pushy on what she wants, and talking to 2 brokers makes all confusing and weird. But as of yesterday, all was cleared and probably tuesday next week we will get our first Lot that we got from our own money.

The other thing that is going to be exciting this weekend is the car that mum will be buy from her cousin (Tito) Dr. Jan. I normally would be against it but she made the arrangement without telling me. But when I was told of the price (which is way too cheap) I half-heartedly agreed.



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