everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Father’s day

Once again it is that day to celebrate fatherhood, and just like years past I am not that giddy about it. No plans, not excited and for me it is just another sunday.

I am not really looking forward to celebrate it and have no plans of squeezing myself in one of those  cramped and noisy restos.

Last year I celebrated it as I was in the USA, Eric was celebrating his and by default I also have to. Last year was nice but it is really eric’s day, not me, we gathered in their dining area and I got a In and Out Burger Shirt as a present. It was a fine night.

This father’s day just like previously I aint have anything planned, it might probably be the worst father’s day because all are still sad on what happened to momsie. Well, inspite of that cloud hanging over everyone it is still a father’s day, hopefully.



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