everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Tipping point

In the coming weeks, months etc we are on an uphill climb. I can see the future will be very tense and hard. Why? Because mum will have to go about in keeping momsie well, which is going to be costly and physically and emotionally hard. The cost alone will make a big dent on your budget and that is just a part of the challenge the other part is the caregiving, which is as hard as the cost.

I already suggested a plan to make  it all a bit bearable, like making the whole predicament a team play where effort of each one will be needed and not one to be allowed to slack off and escape the responsibilities. But then again, I am sure mum will not listen and will just keep what she thinks is fine. I feel that mum will handle most of the cost and most of the work, decision making, petty issues, day to day caregiving.. in other words on her shoulder will lie keeping momsie well.

I would like to see a team effort, where the one who will pay will be excuse to most of the caregiving and those who will not contribute much money will do most of the work.

But even with the best plan, best team play we are still all heading to a tough battle. As a family this is going to be our toughest and bad ass problem we are going to handle and it looks like it is going to be hard to escape this all unscathed. In the end we as a family will be slighly (hopefully) less happy, in the end we will all be bruised, tired and about ready to give up.



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