everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


Munchy is a small pillow of Kenzo since he was a yr old, he never sleep without it in his side.  Everywhere we will go, that tequire us to sleep over Munchy will be there or else it will be hard for kenzo  to start his sleep.

On our vacations Munchy will be there, sleep over to momsie’s house Munchy will be there, sleeping in the car Munchy will be there and just recently when we went to USA we brought Munchy,  inside the plane, when we move from San Lorenzo to Menlo Park it is there.

In the plane to and from USA Kenzo  will even show Munchy when we were landing, will show him the view.  We can hear him say, “Munchy we are flying !”

To make it short, Munchy is his comfort to make him sleep and he did that most of his young life.

But after arriving from the USA, (for some  stupid reason) the maid decided on her own to throw it. it is true after of almost 5 years of use, Munchy looks old and  dirty but since the maid knows ( in fact even other people who dont lived with us knows) that is very important to kenzo she should have not done what she did.

On that morning when Kenzo learned that his pillow was gone, I saw sadness and frusttation on his face that I never saw before. He lost his bestpal was tough and he creid a lot and loudly that morning. When his mum learned about this the maid got scolded for it ( that we almost dont do ) and I too also joined the fray. I think we fired the maid for that, she has other faults but that one put the “final nail on the coffin”.

Munchy is in a dump somewhere rotting along with other garbage or maybe, hopefully someone picked him up and gave him a good wash and reused him.  Wherever he might be Kenzo will not forget him for the comfort  and for being his best pal of all time.


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