everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


2 days ago  mum, I and everybody  were struck hard by the news that your granny  (aka momsie) suffered a stroke. It was a major one, and as per the CT Scan it affected a large part of her brain and sadly she wont recover her old self, if she would recover at all.

Last night, after coming back from the hospital I was talking to Kenzo and I told him about the state of her grandmother and he got sad about it.

before going to sleep he said ” I missed momsie, sometimes she played with me.” and he grabbed his pillow and stared blankly at it.

In hundreds of occasions  Momsie  used to take care of  the both of an you and  happily will do so. I am sometimes unsure that bringing both of you to her will be a burden. but she was always happy to see you both. She will try her best to remember funny stuff you guys did and will share it to all us. I must say she is very proud of her little grandsons, tough at times act devilish.

It is true that there is no like mother’s love but granny love is not far behind. At the time you were reading this, you might not remember the games and moments you shared with momsie,  it was not  perfect and all nice but I know both of you had fun staying with her, you both even prefer to stay there than in our house.

One thing I learned about these past 2 days, that life is indeed short. One day you were just playing with your kids, teaching them how to speak, walk, write letters, count… then you will wake up one day that all is about over.






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