everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

The clingy one

Liam is the clingy one while his brother tends to be more independent but at the same time  want to get all the attention. .Liam want those warm physical contacts, mostly when sleeping or taking a nap which is not the case for Kenzo.

In a way, it is such a sweet thing but the problem arises during the middle of the night when I am about enjoying my sleep,   and when he will tuck himself to me thus waking me up.

By default since I am a light sleeper, mum gets to sleep with Liam on most nights because she can always go back to sleep immediately. But during those days where mum is very tired and wanted uninterrupted sleep she will ask me to switch and I will be the one to shoulder Liam’s “sweetness”.

Indeed, Liam has this sweet, friendly personality. It is all sunshine with him. Unlike Kenzo, when Liam wakes up he is already smiling and in a minute he will say “HI”. He can surely lighten up your morning seeing him like that.




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