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USA / Bay Area trip 2


Kenzo spent his first Saturday with his mum and they went to Livermore for shopping. Great thing his cousin princess went with them and he has someone to play with while toggling with his  mum. We were not together on that first day, as I stayed in Menlo.  While they were in Livermore I was with my sister family, we ate at this fancy, healthy resto in Palo Alto, we shop at Safeway for Kenzo and borrowed stuff at the library.

The next day we are all to go to Monterey.

We picked them at San Lorenzo in East bay and since Princess slept over with them we decided to bring her too to Monterey. It was a nice cold drizzling day and I was kinda excited to see Kenzo’s reaction to explore the bay area. I am also worried at that time on how he will react considering it is a long drive up north.

When we reached Monterey it was really cold, and wet. Kenzo, since very unaccustomed to cold had complained a lot about the (8-12 degrees) cold. We were in the parking lot’s elevatot with other local tourist when Kenzo keep on shouting his battle with the weather. We panicked a bit and headed straight to a tourist shop to buy a new hoodie to be worn over his existing hoodie.

We went to the Monterey aquarium museum with princess in tow. Sadly he did not enjoyed it that much and was quite bored in it. We were not able to go around the whole area as Kenzo is not too amazed looking at the marine animals. The only thing he enjoyed there was the area where there was a splashing waves which made him go ga-ga. Next stop was Luigi’s Linguine our usual stop at Monterey and dippin dots for some dessert.

The drive home was unevetful except for a few tantrums and complaints from Kenzo as he started to get bored.

This trip made me realized that Kenzo might not be able to handle long drives, that makes our planned trip to LA in questioned now. Monetery is just a mere 2 hour drive and we had encountered hitches and bawling what more if we cruised to LA for 6 hours.

When we reached Menlo he stayed home with me while Princess and Mum went out with Pinky for another round of shopping.

interestingly, when his mum was not around he acted maturely, a nice kid. This is about the start where we realized that he make be acting up when his mum is around.

The next grand trip for Kenzo happened at  Great America in Santa Clara Calif. That was when pure fun happened. He gets to experenced his first carousel ride, his first roller coaster, his first amusement park and he was really giddy and happy with that trip. We can all see how happy he was and how he enjoyed it. The picture above was taken there and he did not get a bored moment while there.

That Great America trip was one for the books and we are truly happy we were there.

Good, clean amusement parks are one you cannot get in PH, we do have a few but nothing like in the states. Add cool weather, clean air and you got a great amusement park experience.

In between trips, I bring Kenzo to the playgrounds. At around the start of this blog I already wished Kenzo to hopefully get to play in these play areas. 4 years when I saw playgrounds in Melbourne and Sydney I wished  Kenzo to be able to play there and now finally in the states I made sure to bring him.

The first Playground we visited was the one in Menlo Park, after our trip to a  Cupertino Mall we stopped by to play, which is walking distance to Susie’s house.

There, as I expected, he enjoyed the long slides, nice swings and playhouses. Unlike his playground in our village where swings are covered with rust, see saw is dangerous and the area itself are littered with trash and sharp rocks.

After a few visit there we transferred to another playground, which is bigger and has more and longer slides. It also has a humongous play field where kids can play baseball, football etc. it is one perfect, heavenly playground.

There is also a day where Eric, Susie, Ginger and Sam came  to play with us. We played football and volleyball on the open field. That was the day when we left mum to shop more and around 6pm we picked her then end the day by eating at WingStop.

The day followed that was the best, we went playground hopping. We started at Menlo, moved to the uber rich are of Atherton and back to school playground in Menlo. In between that was a meal at In and Out. This is the best play Kenzo got with us, he truly enjoyed that one mainly because Sam played with him and he got to experienced variety of play obstacles. The next day we did the same playground hopping but this time with mum and before that they also went to buy meal at Menlo Park’s food trucks. We brought the meal at Atherton and had a picnic there.

to be continued…







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