everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

With a few more

I am quite relived that Liam is gettting a few more words, in fact after arriving from the USA he surprised us with a few new words.

Currently he can make small requests when he wants to use the potty/toilet, when he wants to go down the bed, or simple request like asking for Netflix to be turned on. He can now verbalize a few instructions and I am quite happy but I honestly wanting for more. Overall, I am still happy that he is progressing.

The one thing I want Liam to now learn is how to understand that he is being reprimanded for a wrong he is about to do or currently doing. We were still failing to teach him lessons about bad things. He seems ignoring us when we scolded him for his wrongs.

Just like his words, I am positive that one day he will get there..maybe slowly but hopefully sooner.


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