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The US/ Bay Area trip 1

image-6262b2bc1b23fb8564e6001dc925ec5a77101bd2abc1ecfb4f6d9264d2a973b5-V (1)

Of the trips I made and whether alone or with mum this one gotta be the most exciting because it is the first time Kenzo will be coming, it is his first plane ride and his first outside the country.

Prior to the trip I am quite worried on how Kenzo will react to the long plane ride, how will he interact with others, basically I am worried on how Kenzo will be. I cannot be positive about the trip and I really though he might be a handful but also I really wanted him to go with us.

When we got the airport all were normal, no shouting, no dramas, no tantrums etc.. Kenzo reacted like any normal obedient kid (*whew.).

Just like any traveler he was carrying his most important things: a bag full of toys, an Ipad and his “Munchy” (will be subject to a seperate post in a few days). We queued to have our bags checked-in, walked to immigration officers (though this was the time he got a bit scared on why the officer waned  to look at him). Now the next challenge was how entertain him while waiting for the boarding gate to open, good thing we saw a small playground at NAIA T2 where he spent his time wallowing around, in fact he reluctantly left the area and we almost need to force him to stop playing.

At around 11 pm since we have a kid in tow we got the to the plane first before all the others. Once we passby the business class section, Kenzo immediately saw an empty seat that looks really comfy and he said to his mum, “let us seat there.” that was a bit funny but at the same time sad because we are in the section of the ordinary people, the economy section where we cramped ourselves in little seats that hardly recline, the section for low paying fliers.

After getting our seats he got very sleepy and just fell asleep most of the way.

After about 11 hours in the sky we started to descend to SFO too bad it was rainy that night and he was not able to see SFO while our plane is on descent, we just saw we are very close to the airport and a few more seconds we safely landed.

In about an hour we passed imiigration and waited for Rhea and Rhissa to pick us up. This time kenzo was quiet and seems observing his new surrounding and still very much excited.

On our way to Rhea’s where Kenzo and his mum will stay, while I stay with Susie in Menlo Park, we stopped by Wing Stop for our dinner and while waiting I toggle Kenzo to TARGET for some snacks he can munch. It was a rainy night, our hoodies on and we walked to buy special Oreos, Ritz and orange soda. We walked out and he was happy about this wonderful place.

To be Continued….


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