everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Throwing Frenzy

Liam has gotten  very polished in throwing things. If someone called his attention about what he was holding he’ll throw it far from you or (worst case) throw it to you, in your face.

Obviously, being a baby he cannot hold many things due to safety or it is not something he is supposed to hold on to. I have been a victim of his pitching stunts and I was hit straight in the forehead with my cellphone, it was really painful.

Just this morning, when we saw that he was holding on Kenzo’s toy we asked him to give it to his brother but instead threw it to Kenzo and again it caused pain.

We tried to lecture him that what he did was wrong but his face is just blank (though seems listening) but I guess he still cannot get that there is a consequence to what he did.




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