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Bay Area

I have been traveling to the Bay Area every year and I always love it there, mainly because I get to see my FAMILY there. Honestly my trips to Calif seems to be just about a few weeks apart. It feels like that I just got there and now I am coming back, not that I am complaining, in fact I am Uber happy to go back.

This trip is a bit different and special than the previous  trips because it is the first time that we are going to bring Kenzo. Right now, I am kinda uncertain on how he will react and we tried our best to brief him on how he should be but I will not ever know until we are actually there.

The first worry I got is the long wait to board the plane, how will he take the long wait? the next concern is the long flight, followed by the Jetlag and other minor things that could happen that can trigger his bratty tantrums.

The other worry I got is Liam and how will he be coping without us. I knew that his Titas, Momsie and everyone will surely take good care of him. Good thing, Liam is still to young to miss us or be sad that we are not there. In factm he still cannot verbalize most of his emotions yet and this will make leaving him behind easier than imagine a toddler will facetime you and who will ask you to go back from your vacation ASAP.

Except for the worries, I am all excited and happy for this trip. Hopefully, all will be good and will turn out to be best.


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