everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


I was getting harsh to Kenzo and I felt I dont have anymore options to control him except being stern to him. Issues like hitting his brother and throwing tantrums are the two of the big challenges we both need to hurdle. I felt that he needed to be shaped. I tried passively talking to him, reasoning out, repetitive explanations, putting logic and story to my lessons and nothing seems to work. Kenzo really is very independent and strong-willed. I am now left without a choice but to show him tough love.

There were punishment I dished out like taking him to my room and he will be stucked there with me till he learned his mistake or he need to do some school work, read and those others school stuff to get his pass to get out.

Dishing out the discipline is a tough one and seeing him cry is a hard thing to swallow but then again I need to teach him and hopefully lead him to being a good adult someday.

I am sorry Kenzo for being harsh and for all the troublemeted to you. If I have a choice I can just ignore and pray all will be well but I cannot take that chance that you will end up undisciplined and rude. Again, sorry Kenzo.


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