everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


In a couple weeks we are gonna go to USA again (I have been doin this trip every year) I will be with Kenzo and his mum. It is going to be a different trip because it is t he first time that we are going to bring Kenzo. I am half excited and half worried because I still dont know how kenzo will react once he is there. I hope he will have all the fun but also concerned thgat he might miss Liam or get bored there. We have a few activities in line now like Fly High, Monterey, Legoland, Sta Cruz Beach, Playground, Swimming etc. It is gonna be one fun time as long as he will be a good one rather than his spoiled self and bring a bit of a chaos.

As early as a few weeks back we have been briefing him on what and how he will be in US but still quite unsure whether will go thru as how we planned it.

Liam will still have to stay home and probably in 4 years we can all go back and enjoy the trip as a whole family.



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