everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


I am now quite worried that Liam is a bit slow on his speech, though he can fully understand instructions and when we talk to him but getting his words out is quite not we expect. I still blame the pacifier for causing him to delay his speech but sadly he still use it when trying to sleep but not during the day anymore. It has been about 6 weeks that he has stopped his pacifier during playtime, or daytime but previously that plug of his is just easily accessible to him and he often use it even at play or watching TV.

I think this delay it and we are now slowly weaning him away from it, though he still uses that when he is about to sleep as it helps him get to sleep better. I know we also need to stop that slowly but his mum said that we need to do it gradually or else he might be hard to get him to nap.

Liam is now a year and four months (almost five months ) but his words are limited to Dada, Mama, Elmo, bo (ball), yum yum (eating) Nana, Ja (Jolibee), Do (McDo), ish (fish), behrd (bird). I know kids delvelop in different stages and I hope his stage to speak comes sooner that later as I am getting a bit worried. But the good news is he can understand if I give instructions like “get diapers and throw it in a trash” , “where is Kenzo’s bag, remote, ipad, my phone , mama’s shoes etc” He understood us and I think that is a good sign that he is learning but sadly not yet talking. I knew it will come one day and I am sure will be exicited to witness it.


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