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Our introvert and extrovert

Introvertness are never a popular personality, the world welcomes extroverts with warmth and open arms. We all like extroverts in our group and parties. While introverts are the minority ( was estimated to be 1/3 of our populations are introverts) there are some good points to it. Being a parent to an intro, I observed that in a lot of cases they are easier to handle as they are more observant, not easily amused and dont quite rush to emotional decisions but rather rely on analytical thinking more ( not to generalize and it is just  based on my experience and observation).

If for example ( simplified) there is a ball on the middle of the street, an Extro would be like ” Wow a ball. I want to get that! ” And rushed to the street to pick it. While an Intro would be like ” Oh a ball. That is nice but I got ball at home too. But wait maybe since I am not doing anything it might be better to kick it around or dribble it while I kill time. OK, I will get it, but let me first check if there are cars coming. Great road is clear!” then go to the ball to pick it.

I always say that the world is made for extroverts and introverts often have a hard time navigating around the world because of this. Intros are never the bad personality, yes they might be not as likeable and they often seen alone drinking coffee while reading something or listening to a music, doing long walk alone etc but there are surely a good side to being in soltitude with only your thoughts, imagination, dreams to entertain you.

Introverts delved in critical thinking and often sees things in a different perspective which makes parenting easier. Like with Kenzo I know he is an Intro I never got a problem with him with playing with electric cords, licking shampoo, eating lego blocks, washing hands from the toilet bowl, spraying aerosol cans etc. for some reason they know those are not toys and they are not just interested playing it. I think they know playing real toys are a lot better than  household items. Kenzo grew up without getting trouble with it but Liam ( a classic extrovert) have been already been reprimanded from plugging electric cords, grabbing  items from the grocery shelves, washing his hand on the toilet bowl etc. Liam is very curious like any kid while Kenzo don’t bothered himself with  unimportant stuff.

Both Persoanlity has its pros and cons and in some days we prefer Kenzo to be more like  an extrovert and Liam like his brother.

I still welcome that I got two kids that embraces the world in a different way and perhaps when they grew old they move towards good things though travelling in two parallel and different  path.



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