everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


Liam has a habit of throwing things, he has this since he was a baby and now he has grown to a toddler he has not outgrown it. If he is examining a wallet, for example, and he sensed that you are about to get it from him he will throw it far right before you get it from him. If he is holding a metal that can hurt him I will naturally run to get it from his hands but before I get a hold of it it is far from the both of us.

He also drop stuff from his crib, like bombs from an aircraft he will drop most things from his crib–whether they are toys, Ipads, phones or pillows.

but the worst part that happened when he threw something and it landed on Kenzo, me  or anyone ‘s face. There were countless times I would see his Mum or Kenzo cry in pain because a gadget smacked their head.

That is his things and even though we say no to stop him he cannot understand it yet. I hope this will be a phase on he will outgrow it soon otherwise we are facing a futire of broken windows, Tvs, Phones etc.



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