everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


Liam is getting too comfortable with his pacifiers. I think he wont sleep without it and during the day he prefers to have that rubber plug on his mouth.

I think having that habit makes him slow in learning to talk. His speech is somewhat slow compared to his brother but he can point to things and understand simple instructions. We got a picture book and he can point and recognize animals like frog, fish, duck, dog cat etc and things like bed, shoes, clothes, food, car, sky etc.. but not saying them.

I wished to hear him talk soon, as I dont want him to be delayed compared to his peers but his pacifier is an easy way for us to relax him. His pacifier is like a sleeping pill that makes him snooze and we are now in a bind on how to slowly wean him away from it.

His mum planned to wean him away from his habit but no progress so far, hopefully one day we can hear him say a lot and reason loudly like a real young boy.


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