everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

De Ja Vu

And we are starting to get the ‘Kenzo’ feel once again with Liam, which we first thought Liam will be a tamer version of his brother but these past few months we were slowly uncovering his ROWDY personality.

Like his brother he gambol, skip and hop around the room. He will climb high chairs and jump on top of the bed. He is about doin’ what Kenzo did before.

I spent a few hours taking care of him yesterday and I now realized how handful he had become. He is getting stronger and faster as week passed and his activity becoming a bit on the danger side. Just like before, we are now scared of him getting into a serious accident or crashing into something and breaking it.

We are now faced with the truth that we have two very active boys. They are almost a copy of the other (with a few differneces) and in a way, somehow, silently and slowly it is scaring us.


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