everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


Babies progress in different ways and time. Now Liam is a year old & he still has not spoken much compared to kenzo when he was at his age. I think Kenzo spoke his first words was at about 9-10 months and if I remember it correctly among his first was “NO” and “MINE”—Obviously those words presets his personality.

I would like to think that the delay was caused by his love for his pacifiers. it is only this time that we start to wean him away form it, he only use it mostly at nightime and occasionally during the day. For 0-11months he has his pacifier on his mouth mostly during the day and maybe this somewhat contributed to his speech.

But the goodthing about it, he can understand. I can randomly ask him to pick a thing like shoes, phones, glasses etc and he mostly get it right. That tells me that he understood the words but is just not into articulating them.

But a month ago he spoke his first word, which is “DAA-DAA!” When He saw me or want to get my attention he can now call me. The next word he spoke was “BO” for ball, then ‘DU” for dog and next was “BU” for book.

His mum is patiently waitinng for his to call her but it is still not happening. Then one day he spoke another word “MO” for elmo of Sesame Street and what makes it funny was that he learned to say elmo’s name first than Mommy.

I dont know what his next word will be and also cannot wait when he will start to say complete sentences with logic, wit, sarcasm and humor.


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