everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Kenzo’s 5th


After about 2 weeks from Liam’s party we celebrated kenzo’s 5th and it was just an ordinary celebration at school and a simple Chinese food dinner at home. Nothing really monumental happened yesterday but maybe a bit of a tragedy when our giveways for his classmates got swapped with his Aunt Ting’s gift. We accidentally brought the wrong gifts.  I had to race back and try to get back to his school before the class ended but I was not successful. Anyway, there would still be today for teachers to give all out. But other than that it was just a simple day but for Kenzo it was great as he got a lot of toys from school and his Aunts and everybody else.

his brithday at school is a leap of improvement from last year, where he sulked and would not want to celebrate it. He kinda battled his social anxiety to become a more socially adapted boy. It is fun to see him improved this way, fact is, when we got there me and mum was wacthimg his reaction to the party and we are happy that he handled it with flying colors.

Just like that it is 5 years. We got a lot of bumps in the road, especially on how to discipline him and how to make him taper his active and hyper ways. But overall, it is still good (not excellent) that he is Kenzo with his hyper, emotional, wild, nice and magical him.


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