everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Liam’s first

Finally. Whew! we were able to celebrate it without a hitch. It was fun but I preferred it to be done at Fun Ranch where kids can endlessly play right after eating, I think it’ll more memorable for them.

If I have my way I would choose a simple one, where kids can enjoy themselves and not quite what they often get in kid’s parties. The one we had was kinda fancy but just an ordinary children’s party where there were Buffet for adults and another set for kids, a magic show, a loud host that conducted the games and balloon design all over.

If I am the kid I be quite bored about it, maybe not sad but not too giddy,if the other option is to get a couple of hours jumping and running around in a big playhouse.

But that is just me, I dont get to decide, I am not part of the planning and my inputs are ward off as just trying to cut cost.

I got sick the day before so my help in organizing it was very minimal, plus Mum wants to micro manage all of it. I got exempted from worry and stress and I got there like a guest when all are fixed and dandy.

I just hated the part where we have to say a wish to Liam, as I am not too hung on that, because really I prefer to do it than wish about it. I find it too showbiz and trying to amused than being true. Doing that is just a speech filled of cliches and flowery words.

But after about 2 hours it was all finished, and we brought home a car full load of gifts, and I am quite happy that it is finally over.

Just like that, a year had passed. It was still a tough one as keeping up with two boys is really epic. There were issues with caregivers, cost, health and host of other little things. But overall it was still something to cheer about, as no really big, earth shaking issues happened to Liam on his first year… thanks all is fine and hopefully all will stay as pretty as it is now. 🙂


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