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Public Parks


Everytime I travelled overseas I never fail to be sentimental and feel a bit crushed when I see public parks & playgrounds, it is almost always when I see one I would be speechless and staring at it for least a few seconds to about a few minutes. I knew my kids cannot get the feel of playing in a safe public playground in manila, it would never happen, and that thought feels a bit unfair.

Manila a place to about a million homeless and a few more millions without a decent shelter, and if we ever build a public plaground, understandably people would just choose to be there than live in squalid places like under bridges, esteros, sidewalks etc. And since most of our tax money end up in ‘big pockets’ of government officials they just cannot prioritize it over housing, education etc..

I remember back in 2012 when I was in Melbourne, I even played in one of the playgrounds and in my mind I pretended I was playing with Kenzo. In Sydney, I always stop to watch kids play, especially during sundays, in that area near Darling Harbour. In the Bay area California, where I walked my sister’s dog, the playgorund there is always something I wished that Liam and Kenzo can have an easy chance to play often. Nice playgrounds overseas are one of the happy places that can make me speechless for a while, because I am a dada to 2 kids it always strike an emotional cord in my heart, I often will walk away be a bit frowning, will always hold myself back silently, slowly shaking my head(or thinking about it) and my shoulder slumped—this is how a sight of a nice playground overseas has an effect on me.

The wide open space, the green grass, tall trees around, the clean air and the safe environment that you know they can gambol around peacefully. These are the things I want my kids to get but sadly it is not available in manila.

Goodthing in Alabang there is a little Oasis of a public space where kids can play. It is just new and it is not yet that crowded, similar to Boni High Street about 6-9 years ago, and kids can have a good time enjoying the sun and the space. One of the joys of being a parent is to be able to play with your kids and in a short time to be like a kid again.

Next year, will be the time to bring Kenzo to Gold Coast, Australia and San Francisco and Liam a year after next, surely one of the places we are gonna spend time on are public playgrounds and this time I would no longer just daydream but would really be playing… and that would be next year, just one more year.


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