everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Juggle, Juggle

Liam is now pretty mobile, but still unstable, and is now very fond of walking back and forth. Our room which has about an available walking space of about 10sqm, he will just march on for several minutes with occasional pulling of stuff, throwing and hiding toys. His motor skills are improving every week and I expect his speech will jump to real words, than just mostly babbling, after his first birthday.

A mobile Liam and an overly physical and active Kenzo in one room is a nightmare. It is very hard to juggle to manage two kids at the same time (while I am focused on watching Aldub replays). I know that one good bump can send Liam back, if not a foot away, but kenzo is an active kid and quite not fair to him to stomp on his physicality. The problem now is how the two of them to share a small space without one ending up with a scratch or the one (Kenzo) being punished for his actions.

Just yesterday Kenzo accidentally bumped Liam, after I already warned him not to run too near to his brother, that got Liam down. That burst my fuse, so I locked kenzo outta our room and let him cry for a good 15-20 minutes. It was a painful experience for Kenzo and will always for me too. I wished not to do all this punishment stuff but it needs to be done, and it was really hard.
Just this morning, Kenzo made a slight mistake that made Liam cry and he quickly looked at me worried that I might dish out another punishment, but of course I did not but his face that showed worry makes me feel guilty.

At the end of all of this, I guess my job as a parent is not to be liked but to make sure the kids will grow up to be disciplined and way, way, way better adult than I am now.


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