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Got a confession to make. I am addictted to ALDUB a fictional/reality love story segment of noontime TV show Eat Bulaga!. I hated that I am part of it but purely happy that I am a witness and thru Twitter and constant web visits to youtube for bein a part of it too. I know right, it is confusing and ‘confusing’ is just the weakest word to describe all this, it is even mostly insanity or delusion at the worst.

First, I hated TV series. I hated that I have to follow a story for months and sometimes even years. When I was young teen in the 80s I followed a soap called Sta Barbara a story about a rich family in Sta. Barbara, Los Angeles. I got addicted to it too and hated that I moved my schedule around the show and how I seemingly wasted my time following it.

Since then I never followed a series but accidentally I did when I watched a few episodes of Prison Break on its first season and got hooked for a season. I forced myself to stop buying the pirated DVD for the second season and since then never. As all people now are hooked with great TV series like Dexter, Scandal. PLL, G.O.T etc.. I stayed away. There is no way I am gonna be hooked again and follow a story that go on and on, no way.

Love teams, I never followed a love team either, never. I hated it more than watching TV series. I maybe would prefer eating spoiled rice or stale bread than follow a love team. With its fake romance, cheesy lines and made-up over-used storylines, it is a big NO.

But then ALDUB came. I was in the California when someone asked about it and if i have seen the ‘Pabebe’ vid of Wally and Yaya Dub? I said yes, I faked a smile and pretend I liked it ( but it was not funny ).

After arriving in Manila, I get to read a lot about 1st and 2nd Yakie’s wedding from person I followed on Twitter. That pique my interest and started to search youtube for episodes and little by little without conciously knowing it I am getting stucked and sucked in the middle and under the overly acted love story. For a few days, I dont care if I will not catch it Live and I can just settle to wacth replays of it.

Then the magical day happened, also known as the ‘Plywood’ episode to the fans. It was on a saturday and not really planning to watch Eat Bulaga but in a weird twist of fate I caught Yaya Dub’s performance and decided to watch it live than keep on getting parts of the show via Vid sharing sites. Her preformance was nice but not really great and then the highlight of the show was when they tried to sneak to meet each other.

That momment when Yaya Dub turned around to see Alden at the other side of the hallway and as the ‘God gave me you’ song played, I caught her smile and pure emotion that radiates from the studio thru the TV screen and to me. Literally, it is like a thump to my chest, something I never experienced before and the word magical is not enough to even describe it. It is a very rare ‘WOW!’ momment that you may only get once in a lifetime, if you are lucky.

After that show ended, I watched the replay of that ‘plywood’ episode maybe about a hundred of times and even weeks after it was shown it is still magical to me.

after that they I am hooked, addicted and would try to always catch the episodes live and just like what happened when I followed Sta Barbara about 20++ years ago, I move my sked around it. I am now a constant stalker of Aldub’s web threads, will check any old and new news about Maine or yaya dub, and a happy contributor to hashtags to make it trend. I am also a liker of the Aldub Meal at Mcdo, only because they endorse it.

I am happy to be part of all of it but I need my life back. But my life is boring without the spice of Yaya Dub’s smile, Dubsmash, antics? BUt I am also wasting time with all of this. But if I get my time back, I am less happy… yeah very crazy, right. Maybe a few more episodes. or maybe all of this will fade in a few months. Maybe I will get tired and lose interest or maybe not… i dont know anymore. 🙂

6 October

The series have been stretched since the ‘Mansion date’ and it is not as “edge of your seat” kinda of phase anymore, only the weeksary are adding a little spice to the rest of the weekday episodes. I think they should implement an additional character or ressurect old ones or anything to add something to fansigns and dubsmashing, because people can get tired of it too.

Not all viewers are loyal to EB only, there are a lot who watch the other shows or support other Lts and a several (like me) who are not really interested to all of this but was just accidentally and beautifully drawn to this whole story. The latter groups are more or less the one EB will lose if their story will unfurl at this phase. People will shift back to the other show, other LTs, & me and others will go back to our lives before Aldub. Showtime will get back its viewers and EB back to 2nd place.

In a way, maybe this is what I need–a boring and dragging plot. It will make lose interest slowly until I am all out and away from it. But will that happen soon? I hope, but I think not… yayadub still has that magic that can glue me to the screen for a few more months.


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2 thoughts on “ALDUB Rehab

  1. The curse of Aldub, haha. But yeah, Maine is a breath of fresh air without even trying. Hopefully theyd have a good movie in the future! 🙂

  2. I agree! 🙂 hahahha

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