everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


All went to normal just a few days after we moved in, but that moving out taught us the difficulties of not owning a house. The biggest issue was the Lessor (Ria Silbernick) has illogical expectation on what her house will be. She expected that after 4 years of use her house will be what when she moved out and had it rented. She don’t realized that 4 years of use will cause some wear and tear on it. Her expections would have been understandable if we rented it for a few months only but it was for 4 years! Things would surely be different, tiles will be a bit scratched, cabinets, knobs looser, tile grout dirtier, roofing, ducts rusted, etc. All those are due to wear and tear, we did not break toilet bowls, bust pipes, tore down walls etc.. all that happen are form ordinary day to day use for 4 years.

This is the reason why sometimes it is not a good idea to rent out your family home as your favorite and expensive fixtures are there. For that reason if you want to go to leasing business you have to build less extravagant homes as this will only be used by leassees and not you. To make an analogy, if you plan to go into the Taxi business that serve the everyday commute it is better to use Japanese cars than German made ones.

Anyway, We are all settled now. Kenzo do not miss the previous house as this is way better and the owner is more realistic on her expectations.

We turned the attic to a play room and no kid will not like a house with a playroom. It has been a few months now and we are all comfortable and very happy on where we are but we know like anyone who don’t own a house this set up is not permanent and we are faced with the truth that we gotta buy our own.


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