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Back in USA

After exactly a year I went back, but this time I have some apprehension that I might not have enough money to enjoy this trip. Few weeks before I fly out I am in a miserable state of wanting to opt out as extra spending will cause me to lose the little savings that I got. But good news of a Pru Life of UK sale did come my way and before I left I got really busy doing proposal and submitting docs and all the prep required.

Just about a couple of days before I leave I got all stuff fixed with Pru Life and left for US with a better financial situation and a happier disposition, but whew!—that was extremely close.
The trip was for 6 weeks and hopefully unlike last year I wont be hit with worries and homesickness. I started to pack my luggages just the night before which normally I will be prepared a few days prior. My trip was with a layover in HK for 5 hours and this makes me worried on how I am gonna spend and kill all the time of 3 hours in NAIA and 5 hours in HK and all the 16 Hrs while I am airborne. Actually, this is my biggest concern on this trip.

On the day I am gonna leave I realized that the luggage lock was busted and Now I have to scamper to look for a padlock to use. I got an old one but I don’t know the combination. So while traveling to the airport I have to guess by trying all possible combination starting with 000 to 999, while guessing I also stop by a hardware, gas station and Puregold to buy a replacement but to no avail. And when I am just about ten minutes away from the airport I miraculously opened it..and whew! That was close again.
At about 2hrs and a few minutes before my flight I got to check-in and my luggages safely locked. The check-in at Cathay was easy breezy which is something I am not used to as I often fly with PAL. I kinda expecting a queue like with PAL but so happy how it was easy with Cathay. I am now left to burn a few hours inside and I used that to day dream, eat lunch and day dream again. In about 2 hours we left on time and flew to HK.

We arrived in HK about 2pm and I am gonna be there for about 5hrs till my next flight. This is my first travel with a layover as I often use direct flights, I am now quite at lost on what to do and on how to kill time float over my head that stressed me out a little. Good thing HK airport was massive, I realized that slowly walking for one side to the other will be about 20 minutes and if I gonna do that a few times it’ll get myself a cardio exercise and I can also kill a few hours. My HK stay was spent on more day dreaming, watching a video on my phone and buying a few shirt at Giordano. Then at about dawn we are all ready to board for our 14 hour flight to SFO.

Just like in any long flight, it is something I detest. I hated and bored by all the sitting and being in a cramped space of an economy seat. I tried to watch movie, take a nap and try my best to keep my sanity during the trip.

Then after a long, boring flight, we are nearing SFO. It was on an afternoon of June and as we are decending I peek at the window and see the beauty of SFO for the 3rd time.
Immigration is a bit shaky, as I am really tired, lacking sleep, & bored. But still I am able to pass thru. Then when I came out there was Eric and Sam waiting for me and That is the start of my another US trip.


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