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Public Parks


Everytime I travelled overseas I never fail to be sentimental and feel a bit crushed when I see public parks & playgrounds, it is almost always when I see one I would be speechless and staring at it for least a few seconds to about a few minutes. I knew my kids cannot get the feel of playing in a safe public playground in manila, it would never happen, and that thought feels a bit unfair.

Manila a place to about a million homeless and a few more millions without a decent shelter, and if we ever build a public plaground, understandably people would just choose to be there than live in squalid places like under bridges, esteros, sidewalks etc. And since most of our tax money end up in ‘big pockets’ of government officials they just cannot prioritize it over housing, education etc..

I remember back in 2012 when I was in Melbourne, I even played in one of the playgrounds and in my mind I pretended I was playing with Kenzo. In Sydney, I always stop to watch kids play, especially during sundays, in that area near Darling Harbour. In the Bay area California, where I walked my sister’s dog, the playgorund there is always something I wished that Liam and Kenzo can have an easy chance to play often. Nice playgrounds overseas are one of the happy places that can make me speechless for a while, because I am a dada to 2 kids it always strike an emotional cord in my heart, I often will walk away be a bit frowning, will always hold myself back silently, slowly shaking my head(or thinking about it) and my shoulder slumped—this is how a sight of a nice playground overseas has an effect on me.

The wide open space, the green grass, tall trees around, the clean air and the safe environment that you know they can gambol around peacefully. These are the things I want my kids to get but sadly it is not available in manila.

Goodthing in Alabang there is a little Oasis of a public space where kids can play. It is just new and it is not yet that crowded, similar to Boni High Street about 6-9 years ago, and kids can have a good time enjoying the sun and the space. One of the joys of being a parent is to be able to play with your kids and in a short time to be like a kid again.

Next year, will be the time to bring Kenzo to Gold Coast, Australia and San Francisco and Liam a year after next, surely one of the places we are gonna spend time on are public playgrounds and this time I would no longer just daydream but would really be playing… and that would be next year, just one more year.


Juggle, Juggle

Liam is now pretty mobile, but still unstable, and is now very fond of walking back and forth. Our room which has about an available walking space of about 10sqm, he will just march on for several minutes with occasional pulling of stuff, throwing and hiding toys. His motor skills are improving every week and I expect his speech will jump to real words, than just mostly babbling, after his first birthday.

A mobile Liam and an overly physical and active Kenzo in one room is a nightmare. It is very hard to juggle to manage two kids at the same time (while I am focused on watching Aldub replays). I know that one good bump can send Liam back, if not a foot away, but kenzo is an active kid and quite not fair to him to stomp on his physicality. The problem now is how the two of them to share a small space without one ending up with a scratch or the one (Kenzo) being punished for his actions.

Just yesterday Kenzo accidentally bumped Liam, after I already warned him not to run too near to his brother, that got Liam down. That burst my fuse, so I locked kenzo outta our room and let him cry for a good 15-20 minutes. It was a painful experience for Kenzo and will always for me too. I wished not to do all this punishment stuff but it needs to be done, and it was really hard.
Just this morning, Kenzo made a slight mistake that made Liam cry and he quickly looked at me worried that I might dish out another punishment, but of course I did not but his face that showed worry makes me feel guilty.

At the end of all of this, I guess my job as a parent is not to be liked but to make sure the kids will grow up to be disciplined and way, way, way better adult than I am now.


Got a confession to make. I am addictted to ALDUB a fictional/reality love story segment of noontime TV show Eat Bulaga!. I hated that I am part of it but purely happy that I am a witness and thru Twitter and constant web visits to youtube for bein a part of it too. I know right, it is confusing and ‘confusing’ is just the weakest word to describe all this, it is even mostly insanity or delusion at the worst.

First, I hated TV series. I hated that I have to follow a story for months and sometimes even years. When I was young teen in the 80s I followed a soap called Sta Barbara a story about a rich family in Sta. Barbara, Los Angeles. I got addicted to it too and hated that I moved my schedule around the show and how I seemingly wasted my time following it.

Since then I never followed a series but accidentally I did when I watched a few episodes of Prison Break on its first season and got hooked for a season. I forced myself to stop buying the pirated DVD for the second season and since then never. As all people now are hooked with great TV series like Dexter, Scandal. PLL, G.O.T etc.. I stayed away. There is no way I am gonna be hooked again and follow a story that go on and on, no way.

Love teams, I never followed a love team either, never. I hated it more than watching TV series. I maybe would prefer eating spoiled rice or stale bread than follow a love team. With its fake romance, cheesy lines and made-up over-used storylines, it is a big NO.

But then ALDUB came. I was in the California when someone asked about it and if i have seen the ‘Pabebe’ vid of Wally and Yaya Dub? I said yes, I faked a smile and pretend I liked it ( but it was not funny ).

After arriving in Manila, I get to read a lot about 1st and 2nd Yakie’s wedding from person I followed on Twitter. That pique my interest and started to search youtube for episodes and little by little without conciously knowing it I am getting stucked and sucked in the middle and under the overly acted love story. For a few days, I dont care if I will not catch it Live and I can just settle to wacth replays of it.

Then the magical day happened, also known as the ‘Plywood’ episode to the fans. It was on a saturday and not really planning to watch Eat Bulaga but in a weird twist of fate I caught Yaya Dub’s performance and decided to watch it live than keep on getting parts of the show via Vid sharing sites. Her preformance was nice but not really great and then the highlight of the show was when they tried to sneak to meet each other.

That momment when Yaya Dub turned around to see Alden at the other side of the hallway and as the ‘God gave me you’ song played, I caught her smile and pure emotion that radiates from the studio thru the TV screen and to me. Literally, it is like a thump to my chest, something I never experienced before and the word magical is not enough to even describe it. It is a very rare ‘WOW!’ momment that you may only get once in a lifetime, if you are lucky.

After that show ended, I watched the replay of that ‘plywood’ episode maybe about a hundred of times and even weeks after it was shown it is still magical to me.

after that they I am hooked, addicted and would try to always catch the episodes live and just like what happened when I followed Sta Barbara about 20++ years ago, I move my sked around it. I am now a constant stalker of Aldub’s web threads, will check any old and new news about Maine or yaya dub, and a happy contributor to hashtags to make it trend. I am also a liker of the Aldub Meal at Mcdo, only because they endorse it.

I am happy to be part of all of it but I need my life back. But my life is boring without the spice of Yaya Dub’s smile, Dubsmash, antics? BUt I am also wasting time with all of this. But if I get my time back, I am less happy… yeah very crazy, right. Maybe a few more episodes. or maybe all of this will fade in a few months. Maybe I will get tired and lose interest or maybe not… i dont know anymore. 🙂

6 October

The series have been stretched since the ‘Mansion date’ and it is not as “edge of your seat” kinda of phase anymore, only the weeksary are adding a little spice to the rest of the weekday episodes. I think they should implement an additional character or ressurect old ones or anything to add something to fansigns and dubsmashing, because people can get tired of it too.

Not all viewers are loyal to EB only, there are a lot who watch the other shows or support other Lts and a several (like me) who are not really interested to all of this but was just accidentally and beautifully drawn to this whole story. The latter groups are more or less the one EB will lose if their story will unfurl at this phase. People will shift back to the other show, other LTs, & me and others will go back to our lives before Aldub. Showtime will get back its viewers and EB back to 2nd place.

In a way, maybe this is what I need–a boring and dragging plot. It will make lose interest slowly until I am all out and away from it. But will that happen soon? I hope, but I think not… yayadub still has that magic that can glue me to the screen for a few more months.

Pru Life UK

So far, I have been getting a lot of interest ( & close sale ) in Pru Life and is getting my head above water financially. Starting this mid 2015 it have been a fruitful one and really quite interesting, finally.

Truth be told, If you are a person with considerable money in TDs, or worse SA/CA accts, you might be too liquid and might possibly hurt you as inflation will slowly eats up your money. As the old saying goes, too much of anything can be bad–like having too many cash tucked in too safe investments.

Hope the good trend will continue and looking forward to a better tomorrow. 🙂

Back in USA

After exactly a year I went back, but this time I have some apprehension that I might not have enough money to enjoy this trip. Few weeks before I fly out I am in a miserable state of wanting to opt out as extra spending will cause me to lose the little savings that I got. But good news of a Pru Life of UK sale did come my way and before I left I got really busy doing proposal and submitting docs and all the prep required.

Just about a couple of days before I leave I got all stuff fixed with Pru Life and left for US with a better financial situation and a happier disposition, but whew!—that was extremely close.
The trip was for 6 weeks and hopefully unlike last year I wont be hit with worries and homesickness. I started to pack my luggages just the night before which normally I will be prepared a few days prior. My trip was with a layover in HK for 5 hours and this makes me worried on how I am gonna spend and kill all the time of 3 hours in NAIA and 5 hours in HK and all the 16 Hrs while I am airborne. Actually, this is my biggest concern on this trip.

On the day I am gonna leave I realized that the luggage lock was busted and Now I have to scamper to look for a padlock to use. I got an old one but I don’t know the combination. So while traveling to the airport I have to guess by trying all possible combination starting with 000 to 999, while guessing I also stop by a hardware, gas station and Puregold to buy a replacement but to no avail. And when I am just about ten minutes away from the airport I miraculously opened it..and whew! That was close again.
At about 2hrs and a few minutes before my flight I got to check-in and my luggages safely locked. The check-in at Cathay was easy breezy which is something I am not used to as I often fly with PAL. I kinda expecting a queue like with PAL but so happy how it was easy with Cathay. I am now left to burn a few hours inside and I used that to day dream, eat lunch and day dream again. In about 2 hours we left on time and flew to HK.

We arrived in HK about 2pm and I am gonna be there for about 5hrs till my next flight. This is my first travel with a layover as I often use direct flights, I am now quite at lost on what to do and on how to kill time float over my head that stressed me out a little. Good thing HK airport was massive, I realized that slowly walking for one side to the other will be about 20 minutes and if I gonna do that a few times it’ll get myself a cardio exercise and I can also kill a few hours. My HK stay was spent on more day dreaming, watching a video on my phone and buying a few shirt at Giordano. Then at about dawn we are all ready to board for our 14 hour flight to SFO.

Just like in any long flight, it is something I detest. I hated and bored by all the sitting and being in a cramped space of an economy seat. I tried to watch movie, take a nap and try my best to keep my sanity during the trip.

Then after a long, boring flight, we are nearing SFO. It was on an afternoon of June and as we are decending I peek at the window and see the beauty of SFO for the 3rd time.
Immigration is a bit shaky, as I am really tired, lacking sleep, & bored. But still I am able to pass thru. Then when I came out there was Eric and Sam waiting for me and That is the start of my another US trip.


All went to normal just a few days after we moved in, but that moving out taught us the difficulties of not owning a house. The biggest issue was the Lessor (Ria Silbernick) has illogical expectation on what her house will be. She expected that after 4 years of use her house will be what when she moved out and had it rented. She don’t realized that 4 years of use will cause some wear and tear on it. Her expections would have been understandable if we rented it for a few months only but it was for 4 years! Things would surely be different, tiles will be a bit scratched, cabinets, knobs looser, tile grout dirtier, roofing, ducts rusted, etc. All those are due to wear and tear, we did not break toilet bowls, bust pipes, tore down walls etc.. all that happen are form ordinary day to day use for 4 years.

This is the reason why sometimes it is not a good idea to rent out your family home as your favorite and expensive fixtures are there. For that reason if you want to go to leasing business you have to build less extravagant homes as this will only be used by leassees and not you. To make an analogy, if you plan to go into the Taxi business that serve the everyday commute it is better to use Japanese cars than German made ones.

Anyway, We are all settled now. Kenzo do not miss the previous house as this is way better and the owner is more realistic on her expectations.

We turned the attic to a play room and no kid will not like a house with a playroom. It has been a few months now and we are all comfortable and very happy on where we are but we know like anyone who don’t own a house this set up is not permanent and we are faced with the truth that we gotta buy our own.

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