everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

We are moving

This week we are about to move houses. The owner pull a fast one on us by telling us that the lease will be renewed and even accepted the payments on the supposed new agreement but about a month and a half after she turned around and told us she wont renew the lease anymore.

I think she played it safe by telling us that we can extend but also at the same time she applied for a bank loan. If the loan was disapproved then she will continue with the lease but if approved she will just kick us out.

Of course it is her property but what I hated in all of this is the dishonesty towards us inspite of us bein a good leassee for four years.

Anyway, we are still happy that we found a new home but the problem now is Kenzo. ALmost all his life He thought this house is ours. It is just a practice amongst us to call this ours though legally we are just a temporary tennants.

Now, it is a big step on how to tell him that we got to move ( we are moving just a block away) and transfer to another house, we actaully tried a few days ago but he was resistant to it, he reasoned he wanted to be near his friend, though the new house is just a few meters away.

I wonder how will he react, starting next week, when he will passby this house, will he cry as he of course bulit all his memories here, will he come down and try to re-enter, will he peek inside? How will he react? will he be sad and ask to go back? will he miss it? How will he see this house now? will he like the new house or hate it? will he get better friends? I am sure there would be a lot of questions and more explanations and maybe a few tears when we say good bye to it.

it will be a great thing to observe what will happen but I am sad about it all of this. sad not because I am attached emotionally but because for my son and how MOVING will affect him.

Saying goodbye to a place that we called our home since Kenzo was just about 8 months old is not going to be easy. The walls of this place are silent witness to our memories, the chirtmas parties, birthdays, the sickness, sadness and the happiness that we all shared as a family. It is surely going to be hard, Just like that last scene on the last episode of FRIENDS when they all left Monica’s apartment, when it ended I remembered as if the whole 10 seasons flashed, squeezed in about 30 seconds.

to be continued….


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