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Two kids

Having two kids is a lot different than having one, other than the usual difficulties of more expense, additional work etc, the one other thing that we have to learn by having kids is how to decide on who will take the larger share of our attention. Right now, it is not yet much of an issue as Liam is too small to compete but in about a year time I know we are up to face a competition.

Right now, we often observed that Kenzo is often wanting to get all the spotlight away from Liam. He wants all the glorious applause to be on him, which of course Liam cannot fight for yet.

Lately, If Kenzo would see Liam playing with his baby’s toys he would always get it and tell him to share; but when he is the one playing with his he wont give Liam a minute to play with it.

Eating is also a time for Kenzo to compete, ever since kenzo is a picky eater and would not really try most food unless it is covered with chocolate. Now Liam is starting to eat and he notice that Liam is getting an audience for it. And As any big brother would do he would want to eat Liam’s food too, in fact he almost solely ate Liam’s crackers and shared his Gerber occasionally.

Now the quandary is, how to balance praises, attention to them; balancing anything is difficult and I am sure this one will be no exception.

Liam and Kenzo has two different personality and in fact, quite opposite they have good points and bad, just like all of us… but really how can we balance the hugs, care and love equally to them? I guess it is not possible but we will just try our best.


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2 thoughts on “Two kids

  1. Great to see another proud daddy on here 🙂 great idea for a blog, following you for more. My son’s are 2 and 12. It is always about finding the balance in time. Never easy but very worthwhile.

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