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“Werk it”

Not working, at least for me, is one of the hardest things that anyone can get. It is always a hit on your self esteem and a constant weight on your back. It looks relaxing but it is far from the truth.

But if I work, I will have to trust the parenting to a stranger, a yaya, whose morals, biases, logic will be passed on to my kids. Nothing against them but I am more of a liberal and I prefer my kids to explore, reason, be independent but hardly can we find yaya who have liberal views to work for us.

The past few days we are into planning to construct our house and we had brain-stormed on many things, we hoped the house to show our likes, to have what we wanted etc, in short, we want the house to be t a reflection of our wants and self. And this is exactly, what how my kids to grow up, if we want our house to be “us” how come we can sacrifice those when it comes to our parenting and just let a stranger do the ‘molding’.

But then I again, I am still young to retire and It can look very harsh if I stayed this way till senior years. I got to lift my ass off the chair and do some real work soon. Since I already bought tickets to SFO, will prioritized going back to the rat race after the trip and let us see how it goes.

For the meantime, I am back to studying Forensic Accounting and hopefully pass my CRFA exams just like how I passed my Registered Cost Accountant exams.

Well, good luck to me and hope it will go well and this year will be a productive one.


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