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We are moving

This week we are about to move houses. The owner pull a fast one on us by telling us that the lease will be renewed and even accepted the payments on the supposed new agreement but about a month and a half after she turned around and told us she wont renew the lease anymore.

I think she played it safe by telling us that we can extend but also at the same time she applied for a bank loan. If the loan was disapproved then she will continue with the lease but if approved she will just kick us out.

Of course it is her property but what I hated in all of this is the dishonesty towards us inspite of us bein a good leassee for four years.

Anyway, we are still happy that we found a new home but the problem now is Kenzo. ALmost all his life He thought this house is ours. It is just a practice amongst us to call this ours though legally we are just a temporary tennants.

Now, it is a big step on how to tell him that we got to move ( we are moving just a block away) and transfer to another house, we actaully tried a few days ago but he was resistant to it, he reasoned he wanted to be near his friend, though the new house is just a few meters away.

I wonder how will he react, starting next week, when he will passby this house, will he cry as he of course bulit all his memories here, will he come down and try to re-enter, will he peek inside? How will he react? will he be sad and ask to go back? will he miss it? How will he see this house now? will he like the new house or hate it? will he get better friends? I am sure there would be a lot of questions and more explanations and maybe a few tears when we say good bye to it.

it will be a great thing to observe what will happen but I am sad about it all of this. sad not because I am attached emotionally but because for my son and how MOVING will affect him.

Saying goodbye to a place that we called our home since Kenzo was just about 8 months old is not going to be easy. The walls of this place are silent witness to our memories, the chirtmas parties, birthdays, the sickness, sadness and the happiness that we all shared as a family. It is surely going to be hard, Just like that last scene on the last episode of FRIENDS when they all left Monica’s apartment, when it ended I remembered as if the whole 10 seasons flashed, squeezed in about 30 seconds.

to be continued….


Picky eater

kenzo still has not outgrown his milk and have not ate anything really considered real food. He often feast on junk food and sweets, good thing we have taught him how to brush his teeth often that is why he still has a good set, but some are starting to have cavities.

He loves Pancakes ( he call them Tubby toast as it looks like the telletubbies’ food), vienna sausage, Pan De Sal, but other than those it is all junk food.

Now Liam is learning how to eat mashed veggies, Kenzo is now in a way forced to compete and also would share Liam’s food. So, as we start Liam on solid foods Kenzo is starting too.

Just this morning, We spread Nuttela on his bread and since he dont know Nutella yet, he obviously refused and just want his Pan De Sal. Then we made an act of making a Nutella sandwich for Liam, and him sensing this would give Liam an upper hand in the eating race he agreed to try and loved it.

We are just about around the starting line on this race to make him eat real food. We envy other parents that make their kids eat but what we can we do, we got the most picky of all. But the nice thing now is we are slowly moving in the right direction, though too late and a bit of a crawl, and hopefully it’ll stay that way.

Two kids

Having two kids is a lot different than having one, other than the usual difficulties of more expense, additional work etc, the one other thing that we have to learn by having kids is how to decide on who will take the larger share of our attention. Right now, it is not yet much of an issue as Liam is too small to compete but in about a year time I know we are up to face a competition.

Right now, we often observed that Kenzo is often wanting to get all the spotlight away from Liam. He wants all the glorious applause to be on him, which of course Liam cannot fight for yet.

Lately, If Kenzo would see Liam playing with his baby’s toys he would always get it and tell him to share; but when he is the one playing with his he wont give Liam a minute to play with it.

Eating is also a time for Kenzo to compete, ever since kenzo is a picky eater and would not really try most food unless it is covered with chocolate. Now Liam is starting to eat and he notice that Liam is getting an audience for it. And As any big brother would do he would want to eat Liam’s food too, in fact he almost solely ate Liam’s crackers and shared his Gerber occasionally.

Now the quandary is, how to balance praises, attention to them; balancing anything is difficult and I am sure this one will be no exception.

Liam and Kenzo has two different personality and in fact, quite opposite they have good points and bad, just like all of us… but really how can we balance the hugs, care and love equally to them? I guess it is not possible but we will just try our best.

“Werk it”

Not working, at least for me, is one of the hardest things that anyone can get. It is always a hit on your self esteem and a constant weight on your back. It looks relaxing but it is far from the truth.

But if I work, I will have to trust the parenting to a stranger, a yaya, whose morals, biases, logic will be passed on to my kids. Nothing against them but I am more of a liberal and I prefer my kids to explore, reason, be independent but hardly can we find yaya who have liberal views to work for us.

The past few days we are into planning to construct our house and we had brain-stormed on many things, we hoped the house to show our likes, to have what we wanted etc, in short, we want the house to be t a reflection of our wants and self. And this is exactly, what how my kids to grow up, if we want our house to be “us” how come we can sacrifice those when it comes to our parenting and just let a stranger do the ‘molding’.

But then I again, I am still young to retire and It can look very harsh if I stayed this way till senior years. I got to lift my ass off the chair and do some real work soon. Since I already bought tickets to SFO, will prioritized going back to the rat race after the trip and let us see how it goes.

For the meantime, I am back to studying Forensic Accounting and hopefully pass my CRFA exams just like how I passed my Registered Cost Accountant exams.

Well, good luck to me and hope it will go well and this year will be a productive one.

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