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Henry Hugglemonster


This morning I was watching Henry Hugglemonster with Liam and Kenzo, and never thought that momment will be sort of a epiphany moment for me. Really life can deal us with crazy curveballs and a tap on our noggin also in a similar, crazy way.

I consider myself to be a bit on the side of worry, I kinda tend to overthink as finding the ups and downs, the nooks and crannies, corners and angles in almost everything is normal and easy for me. My mind can swoop to all the possiblities good and bad, happy and sad, scary and mad etc.. ( sorry for the extended rhyme and explanation) in almost an istant and those thoughts make me worry. Unlike, others who deal with just the positive (even it has no chance of happening) and scratch the negatives, I sadly deal with all of the possibilities.

I refused to be labeled as a pessismist but rather a realist. I tend to compute the probabilities, risks, benefits of a situation more than blindly choose optimism or pessimism. I rather get the facts and compute the possibilities, And I can do that in one instant snap.

So what does a cartoon about a Hugglemonster have anything to do with all of these? In the middle of the show the mom Hugglemonster approached Henry, ( the start of the show) who is in a somber mood, and told him that “we will find a way”. And yes, instantly, I figured that I can always deal with negatives and rather than get defeated by it I will just find a way.

Now I have a little cute mantra of finding a way, I plan to also use that and make it useful for Kenzo and Liam. And even life serve us with lemons we just have to find a way around, under and above it—in my best Hugglemonster way.


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