everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


The other night Kenzo got a really bad nightmare, He woke me up by climbing to my bed, very early maybe 2am. I asked why but he is just silent, no trembling or crying involved, but he just hide is face under a pillow.

I went down to check what is on their room and even asked mum what could it be. But my investigation resulted to nothing. When I went back to him he just asked me to keep his Ipad. he dont want to stay in his room with his Ipad. So that he’ll go back to his room, I took the Ipad and slowly led him back to sleep to their room.

The next day we found out that he watched something on Youtube that Optimus Prime’s eye was gouged out by Megatron, that left the transformers hero without an eye.

To him it was a real, as if he really saw it on youtube not knowing that he just saw that video on his dream. I even checked the history of his youtube and saw nothing about what he is telling us.

For a couple of days he would never touch or even stay in the same room with his beloved Ipad. If he accidentally see it, he will push back and scamper away. he even requested me to delete Youtube and tell anyone who how he got scared of the video he saw.

after about 4 days he is back playing with his Ipad. After explaining to him that what he saw was not real but was just a dream and we also bought a new Ipad casing (cheap, knockoffs version) and change some of the themes, wallpaper, lock screen etc. to make it look like it is a new Ipad.

Nightmares that sometimes they can be brutally realistic, must be really painful for young kids, as they are not too aware what a nightmares are, cannot blame them we as adults would sometimes awake up, for a few seconds, would check if what we experienced was real or just a fantasy from our active mind.


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